Research Staff:

Molly Bourg
Phone: 717-935-2440

Under the leadership of Molly Bourg our genealogy library consists of over 60,000 local family names. Molly enjoys helping others research their family history as well as adding new names to her list.

We have access to and to
Family Search, which is the online
genealogy research site of Mormon

This is a partial list of our resources.

Marriage Records:
Mifflin County Courthouse records compiled by Dan McClenahan. Vol. I, 1822-1885,
and Vol. II, 1885-1967.

Cemetery Records: (also including church records)
Woodlawn Cemetery, Milroy compiled by Willard Shank 2002
Church Hill Cemetery, Reedsville, compiled by Willard Shank 2008
Salem United Methodist Cemetery, New Lancaster Valley, Armagh Township, compiled by Willard Shank
Salem Cemetery, Siglerville, compiled by Willard Shank
God’s People at Rest, Amish and Mennonite Cemeteries of Mifflin County, compiled by Betty Hartzler 2004.

Wills of Mifflin County 1789-1860, Vol. I, compiled by Dan McClenahen from Court Records

Obituaries of Mifflin County Vol. I, 1822-1880 compiled by Dan McClenahen in 1982
Vol. II, 1880-1896, compiled in 1995.

Local Newspapers:
Lewistown Gazette from 1883 to1898
Belleville Times from 1909 to 1973
Valley Observer/County Observer from 1974 to 1996